twinVCAmp and twinOUT are the latest additions to Vermona’s line of Eurorack compatible modules. Both twins are all about processing signal levels. Whereas twinVCAmp allows processing and manipulation of signal amplitudes, twinOUT takes care of letting the signal out the modular world in adequate quality.

twinVCAmp features two high-end voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) - the perfect match to process stereo signals. On top of that: both VCAs can interact, making the twinVCAmp a very useful and flexible tool for every “Euroracker”.

twinOUT is a two-channel DI-box in eurorack format. Besides balanced XLR-outputs, it also offers an integrated headphone amplifier/line output. Of course, both channels can be linked for stereo-processing.

The twin modules will be available this March.