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Five outstanding features of the qMI 2 - quad MIDI Interface

What makes the qMI 2 special, compared to other eurorack MIDI interfaces? Here are out top 5 features about the qMI 2.

twinCussion module available now!

After 15 years of DRM1 and six years of Kick Lancet, we are carrying our expertise on electronic drum sounds to Eurorack modular systems: Welcome to twinCussion!

Instead of presenting a multitude of specialized but inflexible modules to create individual percussive instruments, we present twinCussion – a single module covering the whole spectrum of analog drum- and effect-sounds.
The module consists of two sensibly structured sound engines. Use these to create two different sounds fast and easy or combine both engines to sculpt more complex sounds. Numerous in- and outputs allow you to open up the predefined structures and expand these endlessly.

Pushing bass drums, prominent snares and chirping hi-hats are just a small part of what’s inside this module. We are sure, you will get a lot more out of twinCussion. Check it out! As of now, twinCussion is available at your well-sorted modular-dealer.

Find more information on the twinCussion product page.

VCDrive: A cultivated portion of dirt!

We doubtlessly care for a clean and tidy modular system. There is a good reason why we carefully clean all of our modules, instruments and effects processors before packing and shipping.

However, audio signals themselves often benefit from a portion of dirt. And this is exactly what we build into the VCDrive, a voltage-controlled distortion-module that will add presence to your sound and helps it cutting through the mix.
VCDrive is not only suited to process audio signals. It will also mercilessly deform control voltages such as LFOs or envelopes to deliver dirty exciting results.

This is the slimmest VERMONA module so far. It is completely produced in our Elektroakustischen Manufaktur (electroacoustic manufacture) in Erlbach, Germany and available right now.

PS: We recommend using a slightly moistened soft microfiber cloth to clean our modules’ surfaces.

Eurorack Housing with power supply: Modular Case 104

Our Modular Case 104, that we already showed as prototyp on this year’s NAMM show and the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, is available as of now.

It is equipped with two 104-HP-rows of standard 3-U-eurorack rails as well as well as with two additional rows for 1-U-modules (tiles). The power offers 2000 mA for the positive and negative voltage (12 V) and additional 500 mA for +5 V. On the input site it can be used from 90 V to 240 V without manually changing the voltage.

The Modular Case 104 is made of waxed nut wood and is build in our Elektroakustischen Manufaktur in Germany.

Click here to visit the Modular Case 104 product page.

New qMI 2 available as of now

The popular eurorack MIDI interface is available in version 2. The qMI 2 now has a GATE input for automatically toggling between both monophonic play modes. Each CLOCK outputs now can give out different clock rates derived from the incoming MIDI clock.

Go directly to the qMI 2 product page