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T.Raumschmiere with VERMONA

In the current issue of German Sound & Recording Magazine 04/2016, Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere gives some insights to his studio and the production of his latest album. Among other great synths and effect machines the photos clearly show a PERfourMER MKII, a DRM1 MKII - predecessor of the famous MKIII-version as well as a Retroverb - predecessor of Retroverb Lancet.

On the corresponding page of the Sound & Recording website you can see further images as well as a video showing Marco Haas playing with some of his gear.

Enjoy the links and the new week!

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach

Superbooth 16 - expectations exceeded

We had three marvelous days at Superbooth 16 in Berlin and would like to thank Andreas Schneiders and his Superbooth-crew for the successful event. If you couldn’t make it to Berlin, we’d like to lead you to some videos of VERMONA at the show:

Enjoy watching! We hope to see you at a Superbooth 17 next year!

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustische Manufaktur, Erlbach

Superbooth 16 from March, 31st to April, 2nd in Berlin


For the first time Superbooth takes place in the Funkhaus in Berlin from March, 31st to April, 2nd 2016. Superbooth is a specialized fair for electronic sound cultured and way more than just an exhibition of electronic musical instruments.

We are looking forward to welcome you on our booth BF310 and wish all of us some great days in Germany's capital city!

VCDrive: A cultivated portion of dirt!

We doubtlessly care for a clean and tidy modular system. There is a good reason why we carefully clean all of our modules, instruments and effects processors before packing and shipping.

However, audio signals themselves often benefit from a portion of dirt. And this is exactly what we build into the VCDrive, a voltage-controlled distortion-module that will add presence to your sound and helps it cutting through the mix.
VCDrive is not only suited to process audio signals. It will also mercilessly deform control voltages such as LFOs or envelopes to deliver dirty exciting results.

This is the slimmest VERMONA module so far. It is completely produced in our Elektroakustischen Manufaktur (electroacoustic manufacture) in Erlbach, Germany and available right now.

PS: We recommend using a slightly moistened soft microfiber cloth to clean our modules’ surfaces.

Succession: Mono Lancet ’15

Numbers in our product’s name have a long history. That started a long time ago when VERMONA instruments where called like EMP–1, ET–6 or even ET–6–2, SK–86, TO–200 or Regent 300 H.

Today we don’t use that much numbers in the names of our devices, especially products of the Lancet series go without them. This finally will change with Mono Lancet ’15.

The monophonic synthesizer got a small update. The most obvious change can be found on the LFO. It now has six instead of three waveforms: saw up and saw down, square, triangle, sine as well as sample & hold.

There are also some changes under the hood. Mono Lancet ’15 now uses a DC adapter. Thus it is compliant with the „Standby Regulations“ that were introduced within the EU.<br/> Its firmware can now be updated via an USB port.

Mono Lancet ’15 comes with the same outstanding sound and intuitive user interface as its predecessor. It will be available from official VERMONA dealers in April.

VERMONA at Dancefair on February, 13th and 14th


Next weekend, we will presenting some VERMONA gear at the Dancefair 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Dancefair is an event for everyone who is interested in or simply loves electronic music. Many manufactures will show their latest products on the 1800 m2 Expo Floor. Beside that, there will be more than 200 workshops over the weekend.

Patrick Detampel, product specialists at Alex4, will be there to demo some electronic musical instruments, modules and more. Among others, he will show a Modular Case 104, packed with VERMONA modules: i.e. two fourMulators to trigger the latest twinCussin prototype and a DRM1 MKIII, connected to an Action Filter 4. Synth-wise there will be a Mono Lancet, integrated into the eurorack modular system via an Modular Dock.

We are sure that Dancefair 2016 will be an exceptional event, worth a visit!

Yours VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustische Manufaktur, Erlbach

NAMM Show 2016

Next week, from January 21–24, the NAMM Show in Anaheim, LA will open its doors. You will find us there on a shared booth no. 5014 in Hall B, organized by SchneidersBüro. Together with friends of the synthesizer- and modular scene, we will present our latest products as well as long-term classics.

Again we will show the ’14 Analogsynthesizer. Unfortunately we couldn’t fulfill our plan to release it in 2015 but this year we will! The first synthesizers will leave our Elektroakustische Manufaktur after SuperBooth2016 in Berlin.

Of course, we will also present the most classic VERMONA instrument: the DRM1 MKIII. You can play it on our booth in combination with the Action Filter 4 - analog stereo filter and convince yourself of the power and flexibility of analog circuits.

Our Modular Case 104 will be filled with VERMONA modules: Among others you can check out the VCDrive - distortion module - this time as final product, the latest version of the twinCussion prototype as well as a first impression of a multimode filter module.

We are looking forward to see new and familiar faces and having interesting conversations.

Your VERMONA crew of the
Elektroakustische Manufaktur, Erlbach

PS: We will tweet some impressions of the NAMM show next week, so you are welcome to follow us on Twitter.

Homepage, Youtube und fourMulator

What do these three things have in common? Apparently nothing! Despite we will unite them in this article:

1. Homepage

This morning we launched our new homepage. Ok, there are still some contents missing and you are right, there is some room for improvements on the one or the other spot. But we are glad to publish the new and more straight-forward layout.

2. Youtube

We also have our own Youtube channel now. A picture says more than a thousand words… what does that mean for videos?

Of course this comparison is not fair, but we hope to show you some nice little films video clips about us and the things we are creating and lead you to one or the other aha-moment.

We already reached point three:

3. fourMulator

our fourMulator eurorack module plays the main part in our first Youtube video. You can see how the fourMulator acts as modulation and rhythm source in this setup.

BTW: Beside the new Modular Case 104 and some other modular stuff, our most classic product, the DRM1 MKIII has an underpart as one of the sound generators.

Enjoy watching and if you like it, please show that by clicking the “thumbs-up-button”.

The VERMONA crew of the
Elektroakustische Manufaktur