Homepage, Youtube und fourMulator

What do these three things have in common? Apparently nothing! Despite we will unite them in this article:

1. Homepage

This morning we launched our new homepage. Ok, there are still some contents missing and you are right, there is some room for improvements on the one or the other spot. But we are glad to publish the new and more straight-forward layout.

2. Youtube

We also have our own Youtube channel now. A picture says more than a thousand words… what does that mean for videos?

Of course this comparison is not fair, but we hope to show you some nice little films video clips about us and the things we are creating and lead you to one or the other aha-moment.

We already reached point three:

3. fourMulator

our fourMulator eurorack module plays the main part in our first Youtube video. You can see how the fourMulator acts as modulation and rhythm source in this setup.

BTW: Beside the new Modular Case 104 and some other modular stuff, our most classic product, the DRM1 MKIII has an underpart as one of the sound generators.

Enjoy watching and if you like it, please show that by clicking the “thumbs-up-button”.

The VERMONA crew of the
Elektroakustische Manufaktur

PERfourMER MKII Arpeggio Session

Again there is a PERfourMER MKII video on Youtube, made by ArchieMusicCanada which is worth to be seen and listened to.


… usually this is nothing to celebrate but especially for the PERfourMER MKII with its close relation to number four we make an exception. To honor the quadrophonic synthesizer we will bring back in mind some early reviews and demos:

Enjoy reading and listening and don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions regarding the PERfourMER MKII.

1-RU modules for ModularCase 104


Both modules offer useful and versatile functions for the 1-RU rails of or Modula Case 104 and compatible housings.

Eurorack Housing with power supply: Modular Case 104

Our Modular Case 104, that we already showed as prototyp on this year’s NAMM show and the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, is available as of now.

It is equipped with two 104-HP-rows of standard 3-U-eurorack rails as well as well as with two additional rows for 1-U-modules (tiles). The power offers 2000 mA for the positive and negative voltage (12 V) and additional 500 mA for +5 V. On the input site it can be used from 90 V to 240 V without manually changing the voltage.

The Modular Case 104 is made of waxed nut wood and is build in our Elektroakustischen Manufaktur in Germany.

Click here to visit the Modular Case 104 product page.

New qMI 2 available as of now

The popular eurorack MIDI interface is available in version 2. The qMI 2 now has a GATE input for automatically toggling between both monophonic play modes. Each CLOCK outputs now can give out different clock rates derived from the incoming MIDI clock.

Go directly to the qMI 2 product page

New Action Filter 4 available

We are proud to present the fourth version of our filter classic. Compared to its predecessor the Action Filter 4 is equipped with 1/4" jack in- and outputs beside the RCA connectors. Of course we stayed with the proven concept - that includes your active collaboration on cutoff and resonance knobs, the quality of the filter circuitry as well as its strong construction structure.

Click here to go directly to the Action Filter 4 product page.


As of now Kick Lancet, Filter Lancet and Retroverb Lancet work with a 12V-DC-Power Supply Unit instead of an AC-PSU. This starts with the following serial numbers.

Be careful and always check the labes on the devices itself as well as the notes inside the user manual before re-connecting your Lancet!