Musikmesse 2015

From April, 15th - 18th, the Musikmesse in Frankfurt will open its doors this week again.

Stop by and check out our latest products such as the '14 Analogsynthesizer or our new modular case. You can find us in hall 5.1 on booth C 54 at SchneidersBüro. Beside VERMONA you will find lots of manufacturers with their excellent products there.

We are looking forward seeing you in Frankfurt!

Due to Musikmesse our office is closed until April 21st. Orders and inquiries will not be processed.

Quartet completed: Action Filter 4

Action Filter 4

We have to admit being more than a little proud when thinking of the Action Filter’s history. Twelve years ago we made the first version of this still popular stereo-filter with no end in sight. It still is built upon the same basic principle: ACTION!

Neither MIDI nor control voltage decide about filter sweeps and cues but you. Action Filter demands and supports your intuition and creativity. Reign over frequencies and rhythm instead of being a victim of technique.

What remains?

Like its predecessors, Action Filter 4 consists of a high-/lowpass filter-combination per stereo channel. Together, these either work as bandpass- or notch-filter with variable bandwidth and individual resonance per filter.

What’s new?

Unspectacular but a spectacle nevertheless: Beside the mandatory RCA in- and outputs, Action Filter 4 is equipped with 1/4"-jacks. In addition, the FILTER MODE switch made it to the unit’s front, labeled as STYLE.

Who is the Action Filter 4 dedicated to?

… of course for all action heroes! With jack- and RCA-connectors, Action Filter 4 is best suited for the DJ booth as well as for studio applications. You can use it to process full tracks or add that “certain something” to individual audio tracks. Emphasize or kill specific frequency bands and - on top of it - have lots of fun actively playing with frequencies! Simply: ACTION!

The Action Filter 4 is available now!