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We’re excited to launch this brand new update to our classic drum and percussion synthesizer VERMONA DRM1. The DRM1 is a key part in our history. Its first generation, released in the 90s as Syncussion DRM1, caught wide attention.

SoundMIT 2019 on November 2/3 in Torino

VERMONA attends at the international sound summit SoundMIT in Torino on November 2/3

The DRM1 MKIII and Behringer RD-8


If you are interested in synthesizers, recording-topics or music-making in general, you already may be aware of that guy called Gaz Williams. Besides his own YouTube-channel he also regularly interviews people for the British online-magazine Sonicstate.

Hello Berlin!

SUPERBOOTH 2019, Germany’s biggest synthesizer event will open in only two days. As always, we will be there to show you our classics, like the DRM1 MKIII and PERfourMER MKII as well as new and well-known modules for the eurorack-system. And that’s not all!


DRM1 MKIII video series by Oscillator Sink


We recently received an email from Oscillator Sink. He owns a DRM1 MKIII and made a couple of videos about it. Of course we’d like to share these with you.

NAMM 2017

We packed our suitcases and are on our way to NAMM 2017 in Anahaim. During the last months we are busy building ’14 Analogsynthesizers but still found some time to create some new eurorack modules.

VERMONA Drums for everyone

An overview and video recommendations for current available VERMONA percussion synthesizers.

DRM 1 MKIII Standard, Deluxe and analog Trigger inputs


This year our DRM1 MKIII became ten. Together with its predecessor, the MKII-version we can look back at 15 years of availability of this analog drum synthesizer.

T.Raumschmiere with VERMONA

In the current issue of German Sound & Recording Magazine 04/2016, Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere gives some insights to his studio and the production of his latest album. Among other great synths and effect machines the photos clearly show a PERfourMER MKII, a DRM1 MKII - predecessor of the famous MKIII-version as well as a Retroverb - predecessor of Retroverb Lancet.

VERMONA at Dancefair on February, 13th and 14th

Next weekend, we will presenting some VERMONA gear at the Dancefair 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.