DRM 1 MKIII Standard, Deluxe and analog Trigger inputs


This year our DRM1 MKIII became ten. Together with its predecessor, the MKII-version, we can look back at 15 years of availability of this analog drum synthesizer. Wow, that’s something we are very proud of and we don’t think that there are that many sound devices with such a long history these days. Especially when considering that the end of the DRM1 MKIII is not in sight yet.

Maybe you know that we offer three different versions of the DRM1 MKIII and pretty often we got asked about the commonalities and differences between them. So that’s what we’d like to write about in this post. If you are not familiar with the DRM1 MKIII you should check out its product page1 before continuing

DRM1 MKIII Standard

The standard version comes with black plastic knobs with soft-touch and colored inlays. All sound-relevant parameters are marked grey, volume- and panorama knobs are orange.

The individual instrument-channels of the DRM1 MKIII can be triggered dynamically by MIDI with free assignable note number and MIDI channel(s).

DRM1 MKIII Standard Trigger

This version has all the features of the standard version plus the analog trigger option. Each instrument-channel can be triggered by a GATE signal (+2.4 to +10 volts). The Hi Hat channels have two gate inputs, one for the closed Hat and one for the open Hat.

The MIDI interface and trigger inputs can be used in parallel. The trigger option doesn’t offer dynamic volume control, that’s only possible using MIDI.


The deluxe version is identical to the standard trigger version except of the knobs. There are no plastic knobs, it shines with a total of 73 special made VERMONA chrome knobs. Looks beautiful!

Upgrading standard to trigger

Can the DRM1 MKIII standard be retrofit with the trigger inputs? Sure it can but it only should be done with an authorizes service center.

We must point to the fact that opening the DRM1 MKIII will violate the warranty regulations. Beside that it can lead to damages of the DRM1 MKIII and even worse, to injury due to high voltages.

If you like to get your device upgraded with the trigger option, don’t hesitate to contact us2.


Most important: All three versions of the DRM1 MKIII are identical in terms of sound!

If you are looking for a drum synthesizer that can be easily integrated in a MIDI setup, the standard version will do the job just perfectly.

Increasing popularity of modular systems makes the standard trigger version interesting for those of you who already have or plan to get a modular synth. There will always be a gate signal that can trigger the DRM1 MKIII. Watch our random madness video as an example3

The DRM1 MKIII deluxe is the right choice if you’d like to make yourself and your setup a little shiny present.

You can contact us by email or via our contact form if you have any questions about the DRM1 MKIII.

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach

  1. DRM1 MKIII product page↩︎
  2. Contact us↩︎
  3. random madness with fourmulator and DRM1 MKIII on Youtube↩︎