fourMative CONTOURS

A long time ago, in an Elektroakustische Manufaktur not so far, far away....
...we thought it would be a great idea to design an envelope generator for the eurorack-system.

We are big fans of the classic ADSR-envelope. Indeed, we implemented different versions of it into our desktop devices and are very well aware of its strengths.

Despite, we decided our first eurorack-envelope generator not to be of its kind. Instead, we took up the challenge to find a unique and flexible concept with an uncompromising realization.

Our first experimental set-up made us ecstatic, and with prototype number one we encountered a new problem: How do you name a module, which was planned as envelope generator but exceeds that functionality by far?

We started a little survey on Twitter (#findanameforquadenvelope) with lots of beautiful proposals - thanks to all who shared their creative ideas with us.

In the end we decided to go for the proposal of Paul from Minneapolis, USA.
We feel that the name doesn’t pin down the module’s function to the one of just one more envelope generator. On the other hand, it reveals what purpose it serves. Also, it follows our typical naming scheme for VERMONA eurorack modules.

The name is fourMative CONTOURS.

The most important features of fourMative CONTOURS
  • fourMative CONTOURS delivers up to four single-phase envelopes, that...
  • ...can be combined to get more complex voltage-curves.
  • Envelope times are super snappy with 0.5 milliseconds on the short end and can be smoothly adjusted up to 30 seconds using two perfect balanced speed ranges.
  • Each of fourMative CONTOURSunits (that’s how we call the individual channels/envelopes) has a CV input...
  • ...which extends the available frequency range multiple times (up to more than 2 hours on the long end).
  • Individual and combined units can be looped with a simple internal patch connection. Because of the broad frequency range, you can use fourMative CONTOURS...
  • LFO or...
  • We build each module by hand with love and greatest care at our Elektroakustischen Manufaktur in Erlbach.

For detailed information about fourMative CONTOURS check out its product page and user guide.

Are you curious? Please ask your kindly eurorack-dealer or contact us. The fourMative CONTOURS module is available as of now and is looking forward serving in your modular system.

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach