Mono Lancet ’15 Demos and Modular Dock

Mono Lancet ’15 was released earlier this year as successor of the popular Mono Lancet synthesizer expander. Little reminder: It has an upgraded LFO with five waveforms and random.

It’s product page (1) is now updated with specific audio demos. Xtront, who made the demos, uses the additional LFO waveforms as well as modular dock to show the capabilities of the little synth.

Along with that we also made Mono Lancet ’15s manual available for download (2). If you are interested in the synthesizer you might want to take a closer look into it to find some useful information.

Modular Dock

Also the eurorack-expansion Modular Dock finally got its product page (3). You have a modular system? Modular Dock is a great addition and integrates Mono Lancet ’15 just perfectly.

You don’t have a modular system but are keen on owning one? The combination of Mono Lancet ’15 and Modular Dock is a great start into the modular world.

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach

  1. Mono Lancet ’15 product page
  2. Mono Lancet ’15 support page
  3. Modular Dock product page