randomRHYTHM in word and vision

Go outside when the weather is nice!

Do you need something to read and watch for the weekend? Here are two links that are worth to get your attention.

If you like reading, we recommend to check out the latest SOUND ON SOUND review of our randomRHYTHM. Paul Nagle excellently recaps the module’s functions and applications.

If you prefer watching reviews on YouTube, you should take a closer look at the randomRHYTHM video, made by Molten Music Technology a while ago. The 36-minute-review covers all aspects of the module and demonstrates how it works as trigger sources for a bunch of different modules.

But please don''t forget to go outside when the sun is shining. YouTube and SOUND ON SOUND will still be there when clouds are covering the sky and rain is pouring down. Of course, randomRHYTHM is available for such days as well!

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach