randomRHYTHM is available


We proudly announce the availability of our randomRHYTHM trigger sequencer module. Having already presented the first full working prototype at NAMM 2017, we saw room for improvements and took our time and energy to make it perfect.

How randomRHYTHM works

The core of randomRHYTHM is a superb random generator that creates values for each event. Event is the term we use for the individual note values - randomRHYTHM offers quarter-, eighths-, sixteenth- and triplet-events.

Beside the random value, each event has its own threshold-slider to set a probability whether the event generates a trigger-impulse at the output or not.

Too complicated? Let's explain it with an example:

A quarter-event may get a random-value of 77. Nothing will happen on the output if the corresponding slider is set to zero. But if you raise the slider until it reaches or surpasses a value of 77, a trigger impulse will be generated.

You and the random generator will work hand in hand to create trigger sequences: randomRHYTHM sets the base and you set the probability for the resulting trigger-impulse.

DICE or not DICE?

randomRHYTHM has two modes: REALTIME and DICE. In REALTIME-mode, new random-values for all events are being generated all the time. In DICE-mode on the other hand, you can dice the random-values for a complete bar which will then be continuously repeated. In short: DICE is for generating cycling and more predictable random results whereas in REALTIME-mode randomness comes out on top.

This is just the basic concept of randomRHYTHM. The module has much more to offer. To find out more about it check out its product page or take a look at the user manual.

Our promise to you

You will have much fun creating rhythms or at least parts of it with this random-based module.

BTW: we already offer a great companion for randomRHYTHM. Guess which one? Correct, twinCUSSION is an endless source of percussive sounds. Do you believe this is just pure randomness?

You will find randomRHYTHM at your trusted modular dealer within the next few days. Enjoy testing, playing and purchasing!

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach