SoundMIT 2019 on November 2/3 in Torino

We are happy to announce Vermona’s attendance at the upcoming Synths- and Pedals Expo SoundMIT in Torino next weekend.

On November 2/3, Thomas will present some small VERMONA setups, including our famous DRM1 MKIII drum synthesizer and Mono Lancet ’15. The small-sized monophonic synthesizer is not just a sturdy and elegant table-top synth, it also builds the foundation for our the ’14 Analogsynthesizer’s sound engine.

For eurorack-lovers, Thomas brings along our random-based sequencers: randomRHYTHM and meloDICER. We already showed a prototype of meloDICER at this year’s Superbooth. In Torino, you can check out the final version. We are sure that you will be delighted to listen to beautiful melodies that will be generated by the combination of your defaults and meloDICER’s randomness.

SoundMIT takes place at ARSENALE DELLA PACE within the famous Porta Palazzo district. Don’t miss it and find out all about the show here. And finally: Don’t forget to stop by the VERMONA’s table.

Your VERMONA crew from the
Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach