The DRM1 MKIII and Behringer RD-8

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If you are interested in synthesizers, recording-topics or music-making in general, you already may be aware of that guy called Gaz Williams. Besides his own YouTube-channel he also regularly interviews people for the British online-magazine Sonicstate.

Gaz recently made a video about combining our DRM1 MKIII with the Behringer RD-8. He perfectly demonstrates the DRM1 MKIII’s capability to extend the RD-8’s sound palette. Of course, this also works with any other rhythm-machine.

BTW: Gaz also made an in-depth video-review of the DRM1 MKIII some years ago and he met our Thomas at this year’s Superbooth to talk about the meloDICER prototype.

Enjoy watching all these videos!

Your VERMONA crew from the Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach


  1. DRM1 MKIII/RD-8-video by Gaz Williams
  2. Gaz Williams’ in-depth review of the DRM1 MKIII – We still love the intro!
  3. Gaz Williams meets Thomas at Superbooth 19 - The meloDICER-talk