VCDrive: A cultivated portion of dirt!


We doubtlessly care for a clean and tidy modular system. There is a good reason why we carefully clean all of our modules, instruments and effects processors before packing and shipping.

However, audio signals themselves often benefit from a portion of dirt. And this is exactly what we build into the VCDrive, a voltage-controlled distortion-module that will add presence to your sound and helps it cutting through the mix.
VCDrive is not only suited to process audio signals. It will also mercilessly deform control voltages such as LFOs or envelopes to deliver dirty exciting results.

This is the slimmest VERMONA module so far. It is completely produced in our Elektroakustischen Manufaktur (electroacoustic manufacture) in Erlbach, Germany and available right now.

PS: We recommend using a slightly moistened soft microfiber cloth to clean our modules’ surfaces.