Video: VERMONA and the Elektroakustische Manufaktur

Last October, Holger Wick and his crew visited us to make a film about our Elektroakustische Manufaktur for Telekom Electronic Beats. We were honoured to give them some insights into our production procedures and philosophy.

In addition to all the beautiful pictures our two Thomas's talk about past, present and future of VERMONA - of course in most gorgeous Saxon and Vogtläntisch dialect. (For those who cannot understand that: There is an English subtitle!)

The little documentary is quite impressive - like all the other videos at Electronic Beats as well. BTW: The background music is realized with PERfourMER MKII sound samples, made by xtront.

You can watch the video directly on the Electronic Beats homepage or at their YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Your VERMONA crew from the

Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach

PS: Especially our Bernd enjoyed the filming session. Eventually, he's a passionate filmmaker himself.