VSR 3.2: Review on

VSR 3.2

Our VSR 3.2 spring reverb is approaching its 10th anniversary. Yet it remains a highly relevant representative of its kind. The German online magazine has taken a critical look at the unit.

The comprehensive review looks at various applications of the VSR 3.2. The reviewer (Costello) backs up his words with numerous excellent audio examples. He uses various synthesizers as well as organ and guitar as sound sources. It is impressive to listen to how the mechanically generated reverb reacts differently to each instrument and how easy it is to perfectly set it up for each specific purpose.

(The sound samples make it worth to check out the review even if you don't speak German.)

An excursion into the history of spring reverb and references to noteworthy articles on the subject round off the article.

We would like to thank costello and for their review of the VSR 3.2. Thank you for maintaining a healthy mix of reviews of the latest products in the MI industry and venerable but still available equipment on the market.

By the way: We manufactured the first VSR-3 units back in the 1990s under the MAM and TBS brands. We can look back on almost thirty years of experience in the field of spring reverberation. How appropriate that VSR stands for Vintage Spring Reverb. So it was high time for a review on :-).