fourMative CONTOURS

ultra-versatile generator for voltage curves and more

In the end, there is just one big topic when it comes to modular systems: MODULATION. Modulation brightens up the static boredom, arouses interest and is in most cases the foundation for living soundscapes and rhythmicity. Beside LFOs, envelope generators are the most relevant modulation sources in the world of modular. We already offer a very talented LFO module, the fourMULATOR and now it gets the perfect envelope-generator-counterpart: fourMative CONTOURS.


fourMative CONTOURS hast four individual channels, we decided to call them units. Each of these units can work as attack-, decay- or hold-phase, the first two with a linear or exponential response. Units can be used individually or in any combination. With these features alone, fourMative CONTOURS is a strong base for many many different modulation tasks.

Thrill of Speed

Each unit can run within a time range from half a millisecond up to 30 seconds. To ensure sensitive adjustments you can choose between SLOW and FAST speed range setting, the latter specialized for crisp and percussive sound applications.

However, that’s only half the truth. fourMative CONTOURSunits are equipped with CV inputs, not only allowing to modulate the times but also extends them in both directions. If you have the task for a two-hour-envelope, fourMative CONTOURS can deliver it.

Good Vibrations

With simple internal patching, you can loop individual or combined units. Thanks to its high rates fourMative CONTOURS can not only work as LFO but also as audio-source.

fourMative CONTOURS goes far beyond the capabilities of standard envelope generators. If you are looking for a versatile modulation source, give it a try. We are entirely sure that there are more situations where fourMative CONTOURS fills the blanks than you can imagine now.

Envelope Times 
TIME, SLOW off0.5 ms - approx. 500 ms
TIME, SLOW on30 ms - approx. 30 s
Time + CV IN25 µs - 10.000 s
optimum CV IN level±5 V
max. output level for NORM and NEG0 … 5 V respectively 0… 10 V
max. input level SUM IN±10 V
TRIG threshold+2,5 V
EOP trigger signal+10 V/1 ms respectively 10 ms
Maximum Power Consumption 
+12 V130 mA
–12 V80 mA
+5 V-
Width/Height24 HP/3 U
Depthapprox. 40 mm
Weight360 g