MIDI extension for meloDICER

MEX3 extends your meloDICER with a comprehensive MIDI interface.

Dicing MIDI Notes

Free your meloDICER from the limitations of the modular system. With MEX3, you can send diced patterns or permanently randomized sequences to your favorite synthesizer or record them as MIDI tracks in your DAW.

Triple Harmony

MeloDICER now supports polyphony. Sequences are no longer limited to just one voice. Use meloDICER’s uniquely creative user interface to easily compose up to three-voice chords and melodies.

Complete Control

With MEX3, your meloDICER sends and receives Control Change messages for all switches, faders, and knobs. Record all your interactions with the module in the MIDI sequencer and recall them at will. Or send controller snapshots to meloDICER to follow harmony changes in your composition.

Precise Time Signature

We redesigned meloDICER’s internal clock base from scratch. With MEX3, it can now synchronize directly to a MIDI clock. Even shuffled clock signals, such as those generated by the Floatingpoint Instruments MULTICLOCK, are recognized and implemented by meloDICER.

For perfect synchronization with your DAW, it now responds to MIDI realtime messages START, STOP and CONTINUE.

Why You Will Love MEX3

MEX3 is not only a practical tool, but also a lot of fun. With MEX3, you can take your meloDICER to new musical dimensions and inspire the MIDI world with its creative potential. Whether you want to control your favorite sound generator or feed your DAW with fresh ideas. MEX3 and meloDICER make it possible.

NOTE: Your meloDICER needs firmware version R41 or newer to work with MEX3. You can download the latest firmware here.

Technical Specification MEX3

In- and Outputs 
MIDI IN3.5mm TRS, type A
MIDI THRU3.5mm TRS, type A
MIDI OUT3.5mm TRS, type A
Power Consumption 
+12 volts10 mA
–12 volts
+5 volts
Dimensions and Weight 
Width/Height4 HP, 3U
Depthabout 25 mm
Weight35 g