qMI 2

quad MIDI Interface

Interfacing between the worlds

Format conversion the flexible way

Our quad MIDI Interface picks up the flexible voice assignment of VERMONA’s PERfourMER MKII to provide a fourfold MIDI-to-CV/Gate converter for Eurorack-compatible modular systems. This way, you can play your modular synthesizer in different monophonic modes or even polyphonically using MIDI.

More than just pitch

Each of the four “output channels” offers a CV-output with 1V/octave-characteristic, a gate-output plus two additional control voltage outputs. These can be easily addressed by MIDI-controllers such as the modulation-wheel or pitch bender. The output channels can freely be combined or be used with independent MIDI-channels. Combined output channels can be used in unison, monophonically with rotating voice assignment or even to create polyphony.<br/> qMI 2 also offers four clock-divider-outputs. These convert incoming MIDI-clock signals into analogue gate-voltages. A reset-output allows sequencers with corresponding input to run in sync by MIDI-start/stop commands.<br/> A new feature of qMI 2 is the option to switch between both monophonic voice assignment modes using a gate signal.

Easy access to functionality

An important part of the modular concept is the easy access to every parameter, without using displays or complicated menu structures. qMI 2 will help you to integrate your modular-system into your MIDI-setup straight-forwardly!

  • GATE: +10 V
  • 1V/OCT: 0 to +5 V
  • CV 1: 0 to +5 V
  • CV 2: 0 to +5 V / -2.5 V to +2.5 V (Pitch Bender)
  • CLOCK OUTPUT 1,2 and 3: +10 V, 10 ms
  • RESET: +10 V
  • GATE IN: +2 V to +10 V
Power Consumption
  • +12 V: 60 mA
  • -12 V: 2 mA
  • +5 V: -
Dimensions and Weight
  • Width / Height: 24 HP (ca. 121.5 mm) / 3 U
  • Depth: 25 mm
  • Weight: 215 g