Modular Dock

Eurorack-extention for Mono Lancet and Mono Lancet ’15

Modular Dock - front

Mono Lancet ’15 is compact and versatile. It has two high-quality oscillators and a classy lowpass filter. Wouldn’t it be great having these components in your eurorack modulars system?

That’s where Modular Dock comes into play. It routes various in- and outputs of Mono Lancet ’15s VCOs, VCF and VCA to the outside world and even expands their functionality.

Cross-modulation with VCOs and filter? Pulsewidth- and amplitude-modulation? No problem.

With only a few patch connections within the module itself you will learn to know your Mono Lancet ’15 anew.

Extend Mono Lancet ’15s sound engine with additional VCAs, the fourMulator, VCDrive or modules from other manufacturers to create complete new soundscapes.

The combination of Mono Lancet ’15 and Modular Dock can be your start into the modular world or a great addition to your eurorack-system.