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Drums & Percussion

Can I use the analogue trigger inputs parallel to MIDI?

Yes, the DRM1 MKIII can be triggered in parallel via MIDI and the analogue trigger inputs.

Where are the main fuses located and how are they replaced?

There is a fuse holder inside the MAINS IN connector on the rear of the device. To open it up a small screw driver is needed. It is absolutely necessary to unplug the power cort before! Inside the fuse holder there is an active fuse as well as replacement fuse. If your DRM1 MKIII stops working, please check the active fuse first and replace it by the other one if necessary.

What fuses do I need for the DRM1 MKIII?

It depends of the mains voltage that your DRM1 MKIII is set to:
- 100 V~ … 120 V~: T 200 mA L
- 220 V~ … 240 V~: T 100 mA L

Can I upgrade my MIDI only DRM1 MKIII with the trigger inputs?

In general it is possible to install the trigger inputs but this can only be done by an authorized service technician as the device has to be opened which violates the warranty regulations. Please contact us if you like your DRM1 MKIII to be retrofitted with the trigger inputs.

VERMONA Heritage

The first VERMONA products were made in the 1970ies and even before there were many organs and amplifiers available that were made by the same people and branded with Weltmeister or Böhm Electronic.

If your are the owner of products of this era and are looking for schematics or manuals, the following link might help you

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Please be aware that we don't offer and repair or spare part service for VERMONA products before 1990.