Patchsheet for the DRM1 MKIV


Our DRM1 drum synthesizer has a long tradition. It first appeared in the mid-90s with the MAM respectively TBS logo on its front panel. It wasn’t until the turn of the millennium that we launched the MKII version with our own VERMONA emblem.

From the very beginning, the absence of memory spaces was a key aspect of the philosophy behind the instrument. It encourages you to expressively experiment with its knobs and prevents it from gathering dust while being employed just for firing up one or two presets.
We remained true to this concept when releasing the DRM1 MKIV.

However, to help you recalling your favorite settings, we made a patch sheet that you can download. Be just as creative with it as you are with your DRM1 MKIV. Use colored pencils and highlighters to mark parameter ranges and exact positions. Years from now, you may find it useful for discovering sounds from the past. Perhaps you will unlock completely new sounds while setting up the old ones—the DRM1 is and remains a playground for creative minds.