VCDrive on SoundCloud


Our most dirty eurorack-module is the VCDrive. Please do not understand that wrong! Of course, we clean the module to ensure that there is no dust or even greasy finger marks on it before carefully packaging it.


Hello Berlin!

SUPERBOOTH 2019, Germany’s biggest synthesizer event will open in only two days. As always, we will be there to show you our classics, like the DRM1 MKIII and PERfourMER MKII as well as new and well-known modules for the eurorack-system. And that’s not all!


Mono Lancet ’15 - Audio Demos

Mono Lancet 15

We discovered some jaw-dropping demos for our Mono Lancet ’15 on Nacho Marty Meyer’s YouTube channel. Almost 27 minutes of audio is subdivided into eight parts. Except for the last one, there are no effects and no processing.

Schneidersladen workshop now online

Last November, Tom Körting held a VERMONA-workshop at SchneidersLaden in Berlin. The corresponding video is now online.

Randomized trigger sequence


Dziam Bass made a video showing our randomRHYTHM in use. He varies some rhythms live just by changing the probability controls.

NAMM Show 2019

Like every year, January means NAMM Show in sunny California. During the last couple of years, Swen and Thomas were there to show the latest VERMONA gear as well as our classics, like the DRM1 MKIII, PERfourMER MKII etc.

VERMONA workshop at SchneidersLaden

Tom Körting und VERMONA

We are pleased to announce our first workshop at SchneidersLaden in Berlin for this weeks Thursday, November 15th.

fourMative CONTOURS

A long time ago, in an Elektroakustische Manufaktur not so far, far away....

randomRHYTHM in word and vision

Geh bei schönem Wetter ruhig nach draussen!

Do you need something to read and watch for the weekend? Here are two links that are worth to get your attention.

uniCYCLE-osczillator audio samples


Last year we released our eurorack oscillator uniCYCLE. We think it's about time for some audio samples. Read about and listen to them.