TwinVCFilter Videos Parts 1–4

The image shows twinVCFilter, a eurorack module made by VERMONA with a green and black background.

Discover the captivating world of twinVCFilter, our dual multimode filter module designed for eurorack systems with high-quality sound and variety of features. To learn all about its features, visit its detailed product page.

We recently launched a comprehensive video series on the twinVCFilter, aiming to showcase its potential and sonic characteristics.

Part 1: Filter Sweeps

The first video focuses on demonstrating sweeps of a single filter section in three distinct modes: 12 dB/octave lowpass, 6 dB/octave bandpass, and 12 dB/octave highpass.

Part 2: More Filter Sweeps

In the second video of the series, we arrange both filter sections in serial configuration. We sweep again through all three filter types with doubled slope.

Part 3: Filtering a Sequence

The third video introduces twinVCFilter processing a sequence created by meloDICER and uniCYCLE. We manipulate CUTOFF and RESONANCE parameters while switching through all filter types.

Part 4: Mixing Things Up

In the fourth video, we delve into the unique MIX function of twinVCFilter. This feature allows for manual or CV-controlled blending between the two filter sections.

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