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Five outstanding features of the qMI 2 - quad MIDI Interface

qMI 2

What makes the qMI 2 special, compared to other eurorack MIDI interfaces? Here are out top 5 features about the qMI 2.

Are spring reverbs still up-to-date?

Reverbs generated using springs don’t sound natural and real. They are far behind software-based digital simulations, sound metallic, generate nasty rattling noise and are prone to electromagnetic interferences.

VERMONA Drums for everyone

An overview and video recommendations for current available VERMONA percussion synthesizers.

Mono Lancet ’15 Demos and Modular Dock

Mono Lancet ’15 was released earlier this year as successor of the popular Mono Lancet synthesizer expander.

DRM 1 MKIII Standard, Deluxe and analog Trigger inputs


This year our DRM1 MKIII became ten. Together with its predecessor, the MKII-version we can look back at 15 years of availability of this analog drum synthesizer.

ÄTNA - Walls with Kick Lancet

Kick Lancet

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ÄTNA from Dresden are Inéz and Demian Kappenstein.

twinCussion module available now!


After 15 years of DRM1 and six years of Kick Lancet we proudly present twinCussion - another sound generator dedicated to analog drums.

fourMulator video again


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At first glance, the fourMulator is a well-structured, four-channel LFO module with handy knobs and a lot of connectors. Of course, that’s what it is! With its extensive sync- and trigger-features it is a creative and complex sequencer as well.

Mono Lancet ’15 on DelamarTV

Mono Lancet 15

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The guys from German online magazine Delamar inspected our lately updated Mono Lancet ’15 at Superbooth 16 in Berlin. Thomas from VERMONA answered their questions and gave a short demonstration of the compact synthesizer. Enjoy watching!

SynthPatcher and Modular Podcast

Today, we have two recommendations for you...