MeloDICER/MEX3: Jam with PERfourMER MKII and DRM1 MKIV

Setup with VERMONA meloDICER/MEX3 and randomRHYTHM eurorack modules as well as PERfourMER MKII and DRM1 MKIV

In our latest video, we demonstrate a live setup with two meloDICER-MEX3 eurorack module combinations and randomRHYTHM as sequencer.


We use only four instruments of the DRM1 MKIV that are all triggered by randomRHYTHM that is set to dice-mode. This means that its results are fairly predictable.

All starts with a hi-hat pattern that we do not change throughout the entire piece of music. However, we increase the number of kick beats from one to four (…to the floor…).

A percussive sound with frequency modulation from DRUM2 and a heavily reverberated clap complete the rhythm section.

All effects come from the DAW.


The fourth instrument-channel of PERfourMER MKII is controlled by the meloDICER on the right-hand side. It plays the bass with a square waveform and a little bit of PWM. The sequence is diced, which means that it continually repeats itself.

The first three channels of PERfourMER MKII are being sequenced by the second meloDICER. It runs completely in realtime-mode which means pure randomness all the time.

The first synthesizer-channel plays an almost piano-like sound, created with sawtooth, much resonance and widely closed filter cutoff.

The second synthesizer-channel’s oscillator is set to square as well, but this one is supported by the self-resonating filter which acts as a second sound source.

Both channels are heavily processed with long reverbs.

The third synthesizer-channel produces short percussive sounds which are enriched with a synchronized stereo delay. All effects come from the DAW as well.

During the performance, we vary the note probabilities of both meloDICERs. We often use the LOCK mode to separate the control elements from the meloDICER-engine. The newly set values only become active when the function is deactivated. This is a good way to realize harmony and rhythm changes for both meloDICERs at the same time.

We hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail or leave a comment on YouTube.