MEX3 is finally available!

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At Superbooth in spring 2023, we showed an early prototype of the expansion module for the meloDICER. We were quite confident to offer it in the same year. Well, it’s 2024 and with some unexpected delay we can finally announce the availability of the MEX3 module.

We keep it with Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

With meloDICER, we have a sequencer with an innovative and intuitive concept in our portfolio. It’s based on a mixture of chance and probability, but doesn’t just give you arbitrary random sequences, it rather expects your interaction. You play its sliders and knobs to determine the character of melody and rhythm. Regardless of whether you have knowledge of music theory or are more unconventional in your approach—the algorithms of the meloDICER engine always provide your modular system with musical results.

As a Eurorack sequencer, meloDICER transmits its melodies and rhythms to corresponding modules via CV and gate signals. With MEX3, it now gets comprehensive MIDI capabilities. This expands its range of applications many times over:

  • Sequences can be output with up to triple polyphony: Regardless of whether you’re connecting it to a soft or hardware synthesizer, you’re no longer limited to monophonic melodies.
  • MeloDICER understands control change messages: Control all parameters of your meloDICER via MIDI. Use this ability to control melody and rhythm alterations or chord changes from your DAW, for example.
  • MeloDICER sends control change messages: Control a second meloDICER or record all knob movements in your DAW.
  • MIDI clock synchronization: There is no easier way to synchronize meloDICER to the rest of your MIDI setup. It can even process shuffled clocks.
  • MIDI realtime messages: MeloDICER now understands START, STOP and CONTINUE commands. Keep it in perfect sync with your DAW project.

MEX3 brings the simplicity and creativity of meloDICER to your MIDI setup. Whether you use it directly as a sequencer for your favorite sound generator or a creative spin doctor for MIDI sequences that you refine in your DAW.

You will finde more information on the MEX3 product page.

Please note: To pair meloDICER with MEX3, it requires the latest firmware (R41). This can be downloaded here.