Polyphonic Dreams: Exploring MEX3 and meloDICER

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Discover the MEX3-meloDICER combination in our new video, where we demonstrate their capabilities.

The video features the meloDICER and MEX3 directly controlling the PERfourMER MKII via MIDI, set in polyphonic playmode. This setup illustrates the interplay between these devices, showcasing how they work together to produce complex sounds.

We utilized the Floatingpoint Instruments MULTICLOCK as the central clock source for the meloDICER. It also serves as a MIDI controller, adjusting the REST parameters of voices 2 and 3, along with the base velocity value and ACCENT probability.

The audio experience is enhanced by the OTO MACHINES BIM, the only effect unit used, connected to the main outputs of the PERfourMER MKII.

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From the Elektroakustischen Manufaktur, Erlbach