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SoundMIT 2019 on November 2/3 in Torino

VERMONA attends at the international sound summit SoundMIT in Torino on November 2/3

Mono Lancet ’15 - Audio Demos

Mono Lancet 15

We discovered some jaw-dropping demos for our Mono Lancet ’15 on Nacho Marty Meyer’s YouTube channel. Almost 27 minutes of audio is subdivided into eight parts. Except for the last one, there are no effects and no processing.

Mono Lancet ’15 unboxing video

Mono Lancet 15

Analogowa Dusza recently published a little unboxing video of the Mono Lancet ’15.

NAMM 2017

We packed our suitcases and are on our way to NAMM 2017 in Anahaim. During the last months we are busy building ’14 Analogsynthesizers but still found some time to create some new eurorack modules.

Mono Lancet ’15 Demos and Modular Dock

Mono Lancet ’15 was released earlier this year as successor of the popular Mono Lancet synthesizer expander.

Mono Lancet ’15 on DelamarTV

Mono Lancet 15

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The guys from German online magazine Delamar inspected our lately updated Mono Lancet ’15 at Superbooth 16 in Berlin. Thomas from VERMONA answered their questions and gave a short demonstration of the compact synthesizer. Enjoy watching!

Succession: Mono Lancet ’15

Mono Lancet 15
Mono Lancet ’15

Numbers in our product’s name have a long history. That started a long time ago when VERMONA instruments where called like EMP–1, ET–6 or even ET–6–2, SK–86, TO–200 or Regent 300 H.

VERMONA at Dancefair on February, 13th and 14th

Next weekend, we will presenting some VERMONA gear at the Dancefair 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.