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T.Raumschmiere with VERMONA

In the current issue of German Sound & Recording Magazine 04/2016, Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere gives some insights to his studio and the production of his latest album. Among other great synths and effect machines the photos clearly show a PERfourMER MKII, a DRM1 MKII - predecessor of the famous MKIII-version as well as a Retroverb - predecessor of Retroverb Lancet.

New PERfourMER MKII audio demos


Even after more then five years the PERfourMER MKII still is most popular among creative sound enthusiasts and musicians. Again xtront created some exciting sounds with his unit and allowed us to publish them on our homepage.

PERfourMER MKII Demo by Stochastic Design

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Again we found a beautiful demonstration of our PERfourMER MKII on Youtube. The video, made by Stochastic Design shows the quad synthesizer in musical context, sequenced by Ableton Live.

Superbooth 16 - expectations exceeded

We had three marvelous days at Superbooth 16 in Berlin and would like to thank Andreas Schneiders and his Superbooth-crew for the successful event. If you couldn’t make it to Berlin, we’d like to lead you to some videos of VERMONA at the show:

Superbooth 16 from March, 31st to April, 2nd in Berlin

For the first time Superbooth takes place in the Funkhaus in Berlin from March, 31st to April, 2nd 2016. Superbooth is a specialized fair for electronic sound cultured and way more than just an exhibition of electronic musical instruments.

VCDrive: A cultivated portion of dirt!


We doubtlessly care for a clean and tidy modular system. There is a good reason why we carefully clean all of our modules, instruments and effects processors before packing and shipping.

Succession: Mono Lancet ’15

Mono Lancet 15
Mono Lancet ’15

Numbers in our product’s name have a long history. That started a long time ago when VERMONA instruments where called like EMP–1, ET–6 or even ET–6–2, SK–86, TO–200 or Regent 300 H.

VERMONA at Dancefair on February, 13th and 14th

Next weekend, we will presenting some VERMONA gear at the Dancefair 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

DRM1 MKIII paper cut video


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Here is a little video of our DRM1 MKIII in paper cut style. We hope you like it.

Retroverb Lancet in action: More than springs

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Insanic4 contacted us to point us to a video about the Retroverb Lancet that he made a while ago.